Calibration & Laser Alignment

Ferro Technique’s Calibration & Laser Alignment service keeps your machines on the cutting edge.

Regular machine calibration and laser alignment checks the accuracy of your equipment, increases productivity, cuts costly rework and ensures the stability of your manufacturing process.

With our Calibration & Laser Alignment Service:

  • Measure, display, printout, plot and analyze the following features: Linear movement, straightness, squareness, linear accuracy, angle measurements(yaw & pitch), pitch error compensation, flatness, parallelism, etc
  • Printout plotted data and other professional recommendations regarding corrective measures
  • Grade your machines and ensure that parts are made only on machines that are capable of cutting to required accuracies
  • Evaluate accuracy performance of C.N.C. machine tools, such as machining centers and lathes, for circularity, backlash, squareness, straightness, spikes, etc
  • Discover required corrective action and recommended preventative maintenance
  • Meet your ISO 9000 requirements by ensuring that your equipment is properly monitored and certified.
  • Compliance with ISO and ANSI machine evaluation standards

Please contact us to obtain a quote or for more information on how we can help with any of your service or maintenance requirements.

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