Engineered Assisted Solutions

To offer you the most effective and economical results, Ferro’s engineered assisted solutions range from simple consultations, to machine tool options and enhancements, through to implementing complex machinery processes.

Engineered Assisted Solutions include:

  • Analyzing and studying the parts and part-prints to determine the fastest and most efficient way to machine the part
  • Installing and implementing automated loading and unloading equipment, such as 2-axis gantries or 6-axis gantry mounted robots, as well as integrated hydraulic work-holding circuits, 90-degree indexers and rotary tables
  • Tool monitoring systems, tool setters and touch probes that are tailored to your requirements
  • Working with your team of process and design engineers to develop and implement work-holding and cutting tool ideas
  • Customized machine tool interfaces and logic for customer provided loading/ unloading equipment
  • Re-tooling and re-fixturing of existing equipment

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