Turnkey Automation Solutions

Ferro Technique is your expert partner in solving end-to-end production challenges

Ferro Technique is your expert partner in solving end-to-end production challenges for increased productivity, minimal downtime and an excellent return on investment. Our production support solutions ranging from simple machine tool options to fully automated turnkey installations.

Ferro Technique Turnkey Solutions include:

  • Analyzing projects and recommending the best method of part-processing to realize the best machining processes and cycle times
  • Developing fixture concepts and designs to maximize work flow
  • Utilizing our expertise in the tooling industry to implement cutting tool concepts and designs to take best advantage of the latest technologies
  • Executing complete CNC programming and debugging to maximize your parts per hour ratio and production quotas
  • Performing 1st and 2nd run-offs with SPC (Statistical Process Control) to ensure quality control is maintained throughout the production run
  • Responsible and accountable project management to ensure the job is not only implemented correctly, but is also on time and on budget

Turnkey Solution benefits include:

  • Specialization in machining processes and equipment along with the best tooling solutions and concepts so that your machinery operates and performs to its fullest capacity
  • Recommendation of the most suitable machine and cost-effective solution in order for you to determine the best cost-per-piece result
  • Provision of a single source solution where possible
  • Partnership long after the sale to ensure you achieve the expected results

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